We generate power from heat

100% CO2 neutral

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What makes our technology that special?

Low temperature

Our Smart Heat Unit is a binary low-enthalpy ORC-Motor that can operate at as low as 50°C This temperature level brings crucial advantages compared to conventional ORC plants regarding flexibility and efficiency

Base load capacity

Every plant is delivered with a guaranteed runtime of 8600h per year (360 days). So energy at nominal load level is generated around the clock.

Comparison to other renewable energies

Uptime: 24 hours uptime is possible for hardly any other renewable energy source
Reliability: virtually 100% (no dependency on wind, sun, or a connection to the national grid)
Environmental friendliness: No combustion at all, no use of backup batteries or generators
Interference with nature: Compact solution, very little space requirements (if there is no accessibility, all components can be put in place by helicopter)

Energy generation at the place of its consumption

The compactness (magnitude: one standard container per 100kW) and flexibility of this solution makes it possible to generate electricity at the place of its consumption in many cases.